Sometimes, I’m invited to talk at events. Here’s the list:

Writing the Real
Games for Change Europe-Viborg, 2018

The making of Bury Me, My Love
ESAAix, 2018

The making of Bury Me, My Love
Art Game Demos, 2017

Making a documentary game
RIDM, 2017

Writing the Real
Indiecade Europe, 2017

Playful Literature
A Maze Festival, 2017

Another kind of video game in libraries
Transfaire, 2017

The web, an eye on the exile, a voice for the migrants
Pompidou Center, 2017

Potential games battle!
Boris Vian Library, 2017

Writing for video games (canceled)
ICAN, 2017

Making a game in 48h
Art Game Demos, 2017

Analog/Digital: Practices and Experiments (host)
Indiecade Europe, 2016

Can we play with everything ?
Utopiales, 2016

Narration and interaction
Storycode, 2016

Politics in boardgames and video games
Ludipunk, 2016

Eroticism and Pornography in video games
Stunfest, 2015

What’s an experimental game?
Stunfest, 2015

Protesting through game jams
Game 4 Change Europe, 2014

Art game, indie game, alternative games: welcome to the labels jungle
Art Game Week End, 2012