Founded in 2013, @d @eternam is the first french company focused on Post-Mortem Artifical Intelligence (P.M.A.I). We won’t resurrect the dead, but it is close enough! Thanks to the physical belongings you’ll bring us and our cutting edge algorithms, we’ll be able to reproduce the personality of the lost one and inject it in any CPU, hard-drive or even into the cloud!
Oblivion is ancient history.

As an @d @eternam employee, your role is to browse through the “physical data” and adjust the generic P.M.A.I to match the deceased’s identity and personality. You’re given a box full of his/her belongings and should fill the (beyond terrible) @d @eternam software with any useful information you can find. As you rummage in the box, you might discover some intriguing details. While it’s possible to do your job bluntly, you might want to take more time to unveil the story hidden beneath those various objects.

Inspired by Papers, Please, Black Mirror S02E01 and real-life memory box rummaging, @d @eternam puts the live escape game in a shoebox.

Created during the Transmedia Jam at La Gaïté Lyrique with  Jessica Das and Pitoum