Match-maker, ice-breaker, souvenirs-crafter.

Magical Love Love Arcade is a dating bartop arcade machine designed to be displayed at big events (parties, festivals…). Players take turns to play the game, which could be described as a cute and weird personality test, and eventually get three different handcrafted personality beads from the electronic beads dispenser. Once the beads mounted on a necklace or bracelet (the string is also supplied), players can go back to the event and look for their perfect match! Since no information is given on the beads signification, the players are also encouraged to talk to each others in order to solve this mystery.

Statement of intent:

Meeting new folks at events can be difficult. People tend to hang to the ones they know and are sometimes too shy to approach new people, even if they really would love to. The goal of Magical Love Love Arcade is to make this easier. Whether the necklaces are matching or not, they’re an excellent way to break the ice, and they actually give people something to do together: trying to crack the beads code. Even if it takes on the appearance of a dating machine, Magical Love Love Arcade is more about making new friends and keeping a nice souvenir of the event.

Created at ZooMachines with Inès Jérôme, Julie Martinez, Elizabeth Maler, Baptiste Billet, Amos Wenger,  Aline Triqueneaux, Sebastien Dumetz, Myriam Bechikh and Julien Berthou

Seen at:
-ZooMachines 2016
-Indiecade Europe 2016
-La Petite Indécadence 2016
-Screenshake 2017
-A Maze 2017