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I do many workshops and animations for kids/teenagers. Discover some of them

Stuck in a Muddle with You

A road-movie on the spot

La Cabane à Jeux

La Cabane à Jeux is a game association based in Marseille whose I’m the president 


A game about penises.

SMS Leaks

A newsgame making fun of the politics’ answers to the migrants crisis

Le Ferry Boat de Marsactu

A newsgame making fun of Marseille’s ferry boat. Made for the local news site Marsactu.


A punk games exhibition curated with One Life Remains for The Retro (no) Future Festival

No Pain No Gain

No Pain No Gain is about running, jumping and splatting against walls.

The Weird-Ass Australia Trilogy

A puzzle trilogy based on Australia’s weirdest events from the early XXth century

@d @aeternam

Founded in 2013, @d @eternam is the first french company focused on Post-Mortem Artifical Intelligence (P.M.A.I).

Through the Curtain

Through the Curtain is a sensual, intimate and (probably) uncomfortable experience

Holy Shit

Holy Shit is a game for ten players, with ten mice connected to a single computer.

Kill me now

It’s slideshow night! You wanna die.

Pyjama Party (the video game)

The video game of the physical animals stacking game Pyjama Party!


We don’t believe in anything We’ve got nothing to prove, nothing to achieve.

Should Have Worn Socks Today

A dress up monster doll made in 48h for Ludum Dare 33 and Femicom Jam 2.

Meta Mountain

You are being chased by the Gnarl, a legendary creature of nightmares.

Saturday Night Symbiosis

You’re turning 30. Time to throw the best party ever!

June 20th

He collects beer caps. She loves birds. Seashells too, but not as much.

Never Alone Hotline (remake)

This is a new version of Never Alone Hotline, with improved graphics, 2 new dialogs and a bonus ending.

At the Café

A two players (or not) cooperative (or not) game (or not) about dating.

A Thing About Nothingness

A Thing About Nothingness was made for the Ludum Dare #26 with my friend Sy

Breaking Character

I think my favorite part in RPGs is the character creation, so here it is : A character creation game! Not much to say here…

The Quite Annoying League

Being annoying is easy. It’s accessible to everyone. Being quite annoying on the other hand is a real challenge.


A small graphical and musical experimentation, made for the Game Prototype Challenge 16.

Tiny Soccer Manager Stories

This game should remind you you Physical Education classes in 8th grade.

Coin-Operated Afternoon

Coin-Operated afternoon was made with my friend Felix in 72 hours for the LD24 Jam. The theme was Evolution.

Sister’s Little Helper

Sister’s Little Helper was made in less than a week for the last Super Friendship Club Pageant. Theme : Ritual

Split Fighters

The main idea was to make a fighting game on Adventure Game Studio. Of course, it’s a stupid idea

Ok…Now this is akward!

Don’t you hate these moments when someone you don’t recognize at all talk to you like if you were the greatest friends ? Amy too.

Crow and Foxy

Perch’d on a lofty oak, Sir Raven held a lunch of cheese…You should know how the story ends.

Never Alone Hotline (original)

Feel depressed ? Lonely ? Call Never Alone Hotline and enjoy our friendly hostesses.

I am Ourobouros

I am Ourobouros is about adaptating the Adaptation movie, which is about adaptating The Orchid Thief novel.


Sometimes, I’m invited to talk at events. Here’s the list of talks I gave: