The Wreck (Script-doctor)

Follow failed screenwriter Junon as she attempts to make it through the most pivotal day in her life.

Road 96 : Mile 0

The prequel to Road 96. Play Zoe and Kaito where it all started.

Road 96 : Prologue

A tribute to worn-out game books and 80s beefy action heroes.


Two lovers gave up everything and escaped to a lost planet to be together.

L’An 21

52 utopias to live through the year

Road 96 (Localization)

Hitchhike your way to freedom in this crazy procedurally generated road trip. No one’s road is the same!


WarioWare meets Pornhub.

Bernard Arnault Sauve la France

How the richest french billionaire saved his country from an impending doom.

Bury Me My Love

It All Begins with a Goodbye…


It’s been following you for ages, year after year, apartment after apartment. But now it’s time : You need to sort the “Misc.” box.

Match Me If You Can

Wodunnit meets Dating Sim.

Oujevipo Archive

A collection of 1800 free games from the 2008-2018 years for future generations to play.

S’il Vous Play

A ready to use exhibition of 24 french indie games made for the French Institute with Chloé Desmoineaux.

Video games/Comics Workshop

Making a game with 93 teenagers in less than 40 hours ? Challenge accepted.  

Alfred Premium

A interactive documentary about the future of e-commerce played inside Facebook Messenger. 

A dive into the Mucem’s heart.

Freakout : TV Calamity Show

A juicy Top-Down-Dual-Stick-Shooter inspired by old school arcade games


Since 2010, I review small experimental indie games on my website Oujevipo

Shake That Button

On Shake That Button, I document alternative controllers, video game installations and playful performances

Hearts & Clubs

Hearts & Clubs is a website documenting what I like to call “engaged games” (literal translation of the French « jeux engagés »).

Peaceful Garden

A peaceful virtual & physical space

One Little Flower, One Litte Bee

A story/poem written by me and illustrated by Dziff for Inktober 2017


email me: follow me: @Oujevipo

About me

Play About me on


The third edition of the Oujevipo Exhibition

‘Til Cows Tear Us Apart

A road trip filled with adventure, romance and cows across a desert called Space

Video Games

You won’t trick me to define “video game”


Topo is a french documentary comics magazine for teenagers.

Mosaic Pixel Art Workshop

An initiation to pixel art and sprite animation through mosaic tiles

One of them

A short experimental newsgame

Oujevipo Expo: Games 4 kids

A touring exhibition of weird arcade cabinets for kids made with Xavier Girard.


A game made with Brice Dubat, Delphine Fourneau, Quentin Laloux  & Géraldine Delacroix in 48h for the  Mediajam


A spooky Bitsy made for Splash Jam, above the arctic circle. Play online.

Games Magazine

I used to write for Games Magazine before it was discontinued

Magical Love Love Arcade

Match-maker, ice-breaker, souvenirs-crafter.

Mauvaise Graine

An arcade exhibition for the fanzine festival Mambo Jambo Combo

Game Controllers Workshops

Cardboard, tin foil, Makey Makey…this is all you need to create your own game controller!

6940km & Alphasia

6940km & Alphasia are two games about migrations created in Seoul during the Mind<Re>Set game jam.


My own websites, and some blogs and magazines I wrote for

A Maze Magazine

I wrote a few articles for A Maze magazine

The Chinese Room

“I heard a lot of crazy stories about the Eternal Flame Triad…

Retro (no) Future

An arcade exhibition curated with Xavier Girard for the Retro (no) Future Festival

Programming Workshop

Anybody can make video games! Even in a few hours!

Pyjama Party

Pat the cat has invited all of her friends to a pajama party. 


Video game events and exhibitions I contributed to

Physical Games

Boardgames, alternative controllers, game installations…anything played without a gamepad (unless it’s a really weird one)


Merlanfrit is a french critical website about video games.

Candy Crushes Saga

When I heard about the Candy Jam, I thought : I need to take part in this!

Interactive Fiction Workshops

Learn to write an interactive story using Twine. 

Game Reflexions

Are video games building our perception of reality or is our perception of reality that builds the imagination of video games?